Thermoform fill seal machine/blister packing machine

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Blister packing is very popular in these days due to its number of advantages.

  • Great appearance 

  • More rigidity in packaging

  • More packaging strength

  • Machine based packing

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Blaster packing is a premium packaging method. Blister packaging is technically called form fill seal packaging.

There are 4 stages in this packaging.
1. Thermoforming: The thermoformable film is formed into a desired shape or chamber using a forming section. There are several methods to obtain thermoforming. Mainly heat, air pressure and vacuum are used.

2. Product insertion : The product can be easily placed inside the formed chamber as it has the required size/shape.

3. Top sealing: After product insertion, the thermoformed chamber is closed with a top reel. Usually this is a thermo seal.

4. Cutting and separation: The closed chambers are separated using the cutting section of the machine

Major application of the bliste packing machine

  • Medical disposable packaging

  •  Electronics item packaging

  • Stationary item packaging

  • Ornament Packaging

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